Cal Masover de Circuns

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Cal Masover de Circuns, located in the region of Berguedà, is a manor house dating back to 1635. It was built in several stages and, over the centuries, it was enlarged until it remained as it is nowadays. In its last stage, Cal Masover de Circuns has been completely remodeled internally without changing its structure and always maintaining the house’s essence.

The stone walls of the farmhouse have witnessed various generations of farmers working with their own agriculture and livestock. Nowadays, these activities have been left aside to turn it into a rural accommodation and welcome all those families and groups of friends who want to spend a few relaxing days surrounded by nature.


Constructed in the seventeenth century


Enjoy an incredible getaway


The region of Berguedà


Origins of the house in the seventeenth century

Since 1787

Cal Masover de Circuns belongs to Circuns estate, located in the south-east of Berguedà. Even though it dates back to the seventeenth century, it was expanded on different occasions during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. One of them was in 1787, which is detailed on one of the plaques in the main room of the house. Until the beginning of the twentieth century, the owners and landlords lived together in the same house, and that was when the owners had a new house built. This was named Cal Masover de Circuns.


Enjoy an incredible getaway

Live the rural life

Enjoy a rural environment in Berguedà. Discover what rural life is like, how to cultivate the fields or how cows take care of their calves. Breathe in the healthy air that nature provides and relax listening to the birds while you go for a relaxing walk through the forest.

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